About rediscovering Paris and the Small Worlds Tokyo

Paris welcome early last month was not that heart-warming: winter-like temperatures and a lock down. The weather has been getting nicer over the past few weeks, the lock down is slowly easing up, though I must say it had something positive, if nothing else then at least more active leisure time outdoors during the weekends.

From here and now, all the years in Japan seem like a dream that I had and suddenly woke up. I had a similar sensation each time I was either in Japan or Europe, that the other side is far and unreal, like some kind of parallel world, and that feeling would switch each time when I moved from one side of the world to another. As soon as I stepped out of a plane, the reality and dream would change places.

A walk by the River Seine. Have you noticed why I could not miss taking this photo? 😉 (hint: the name)

The funny thing is that while I am rediscovering Paris, there is a tiny me living an independent life back there in Tokyo, at least for another year. How is that possible?

You could almost pass by and miss it…

There is a place called Small Worlds Tokyo, a miniature universe that has both tiny replicas of real world places and also some sceneries coming from movies or anime. There is an airport (a replica of Kansai International) with departing and arriving planes, there is a Space Centre, a Global Village area combining views from various European and Asian countries, Tokyo as seen in the Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, and several Evangelion dedicated areas. Not being an anime fan or expert, I cannot tell you much about the latter.

Just one corner in the Global Village
Tokyo recreated to the tiniest of details and an anime version in the background

When you visit, you can opt to try out a 3D scanner and get a mini version of yourself, either a 1:35 or a 1:80, as you prefer. If you do that, they make two sets, one becomes a Small Worlds resident for a year in the area of your choice, and you get the other one as a memory. Depending on the size you choose, the areas where your mini you can live would vary. To make it even more fun, try it with family or friends! You have to come back after a couple of weeks as that is how long it takes to get your mini version done, however, I must say, second visit was even more fun, there are numerous photo spots for the tiny you around the Small Worlds.

Playing around and sending a mini air kiss to Tokyo

I bet by now you have realized what version of me is living in Tokyo. If you happen to be there, stop by the airport section (as a keen traveller I could not choose anywhere else) and look around the control tower. I and my very good friend are greeting all planes that land there. See you either in Paris or in Tokyo!

Day changes the night, planes depart and arrive, Kansai airport in miniature
Can you find me? 😉

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  1. Hi there,
    Madame in Japan,
    Welcome back home to paris.
    Maybe we could catch up for a drink.
    Kind regards
    Jeremy Gani

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