When after almost five years in Paris I moved to Tokyo on one hot day in July 2015, it was supposed to be for one year.

Yet, isn’t life full of surprises?

One year turned to almost six, during which I was discovering life in Japan, returning to Paris every now and then and exploring the big world in between the two. Here you will find some of those discoveries in stories and photos covering a wide range of topics that I documented as the years went by.

P.S. This is not a regular travel blog and I do not have intention just to tell you about the places you can visit. I am interested in stories, that come from daily experiences and extend beyond, and especially in everything that links France and Japan in some way. Any thoughts, ideas and suggestions welcome. At the same time, if you have questions about places, events or anything else mentioned in the blog posts, do not hesitate to reach out and ask.

P.P.S. text and photos are mine unless specifically indicated otherwise, please reference appropriately.

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