Beauty of the season, a shy mountain and a patience test

Japanese know appreciate the seasons like no other. Seasons come and go, but the difference is that in Japan people do take their time to appreciate and enjoy all the best each of them has to offer. I must say, it does feel more special here.

Wanna join me for a walk?

Spring with cherry blossoms is famous worldwide, but autumn is equally or even more beautiful. If you happen to be a nature fan, you can’t ask for more. In September you will go to watch the most beautiful moon, in October you can travel to the best spots to gaze at the stars, and depending on where in Japan you are, autumns leaves may appear only by the time of Christmas illuminations, like in Tokyo.

Autumn in the countryside

Let’s leave Christmas for the later and focus on the season at hand. They say the best place to go is Kyoto. Yet, if have not booked in advance, you may find that to be mission impossible during November weekends. Alternative options from Tokyo would include Nikko, Kamakura, or Fuji area, all perfect for a one day trip. In case of the latter, you may be lucky to have beautiful views of Mt. Fuji as well.

Mt. Fuji, the only “appearance” for a photo shoot during that day…

You cannot talk about Japan and not mention Mt. Fuji or Fuji-san. It is the symbol of Japan, the sacred mountain that inspired artists, travelers and common people throughout centuries. Though it is also called a “shy” mountain, often hiding behind the clouds exactly on the day when you expect to see it!

Kachi Kachi Yama ropeway and the view from the top

If not Mount Fuji itself, there are plenty things to enjoy, including 25 UNESCO recognized sites of interest in the area, the Five Fuji Lakes, a seasonal highlight – Maple Corridor by the Lake Kawaguchi, or Kachi Kachi Yama ropeway ride.

Kachi Kachi Yama Ropeway

It is worth trying for great panoramic views and your chance to ring the Bell of Tenjo, which is said to make your wish come true.

The Bell of Tenjo, for a wish to come true, you have to ring watching Mt. Fuji. Does watching clouds count?…

I must warn you in advance that getting back to Tokyo during the weekend will test your patience. Traveling by car or by bus may take long, as you will have to share the road with quite a few of the 35 million people living in Tokyo area.

When you live somewhere for undefined term, you tend to think that “if not now, I’ll do that next time”. When you are for a year, you know that there may be no next time, so you become more cautious to experience the best, here and now.

Maple Corridor, Lake Kawaguchi

When was the last time you wished your eyes could take photos?

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