Choco run, marine walk, and first signs of spring

Maybe it is because typical Japanese apartments are so small and people tend to spend most of their free time outside (I’ve lived in one, believe me it is not a place you would enjoy to spend your time in). Maybe it is because by the time February comes we all have had enough of winter and can start feeling a bit depressed (even though winter is exceptionally sunny in Japan). Or maybe because life happens anyway but as they say, chocolate always helps, that Japanese invented a new winter event – Choco Run.

Choco Run finish line and the stage to take a souvenir photo.

It is exactly what it sounds – a run of your choice (two, four or ten kilometers) with chocolate stops on the way. Now add to this a seaside and a sunny day, and the picture becomes almost perfect. If not yet convinced, you will have to wait for the next one and come to visit Yokohama.

Chocolate all along the run and after!

Running skills do not matter, I’ve seen (Japanese) ladies with extremely high heels who could barely walk, not to talk about running and still participated, mostly in chocolate eating part, you got it! Kids and teenagers looked as having the time of their lives, no matter the long queues by the chocolate stands.

Queue by the chocolate stand…

Even if the only form of running you practice is running late, still there are things to enjoy. Yokohama has nice promenades by the sea and along the parks for anyone wishing to forget the crazy city life and pace.

Minato Mirai (Yokohama) skyline from the Osanbashi international passenger terminal.

Walking on top of Osanbashi International Passenger Terminal, Yokohama.

Yamashita park (always with flowers no matter the season), Osanbashi passenger terminal (a great place for a walk and photos), Red Brick Warehouse, Marine & Walk for a coffee stop, piers, and finally, Rinkai park.

Time for coffee stop!

Pier 21, Yokohama.

Promenade along the seaside and by the Rinkai park.

When you find early cherry or plum trees already in bloom, then you understand that spring is really coming.

First signs of spring, Rinkai park, Yokohama.

Is it much we need to feel happy?

P.s. There can always be another piece of chocolate! 😉


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