Coucou, Madame!

Don’t think I am hiding or waiting for nice and sunny days, or for cherry blossom. The truth is that I am waiting for the end of financial year (as you may know, in Japan it is in March). Though, thinking better, there is no time even to wait for that…

Life sometimes finds you even so. Like a neighbour’s little boys back in Paris, who would wait till you pass by and then should shout behind you “Coucou, Madame!” and “Bonjour!” when you turn back. It seems small kids tend to like me for some reason.

The other day I finally get out to check the status of the cherry blossom in Tokyo. I head to the Midtown as, first, there is a new Issey Miyake exhibition (that I am going to tell you about shortly) and second, Midtown is a relatively calm and not-too-crowded place even though in Roppongi.

Sakura Street in Tokyo Midtown

Still a few days too early…

Open air terrace by the Sakura Street

The trees along the Sakura Street are almost ready to burst in white or pink, the Martini Blossom Lounge is already open and full of Tokyoites willing to open the outdoors season, and Tokyo Midtown Mall is decorated with flower and Sakura compositions. Well, too early, too bad, but I can at least have coffee.

Bamboo trees in the shopping mall.

That’s how I end up at Sadaharu Aoki Paris. That’s right, a Japanese chef patissier, who is known for French pastries with Japanese ingredients and flavours. He has been working in Paris since 1998 and it has not been until 2005 when he opened his first boutique in Japan.

Sadaharu Aoki Paris in Tokyo Midtown

Do you really need a comment?

Given that yesterday was the International Day of Happiness established by the UN in 2012, I decided to celebrate with the Dégustation set.

Dégustation set at Sadaharu Aoki Paris, Tokyo Midtown.

Then I realize that a little boy sitting at a neighbouring table is looking at me and not at a dessert in front of him. “Konnichiwa!” he says loudly and stares without blinking, waiting for a reply. “Konnichiwa!” I reply laughing. That is not usual for kids in Japan, but it seems some things do not change, no matter where you are…

Sadaharu Aoki cafe corner interior.

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