If it is not over… yet

Whatever we think, time, places, people and experiences shape us in one way or another so that we become who we are and continue to evolve into new versions of ourselves as we go.

It has been almost a year in Japan and this was the plan – one year in Japan, which at the time seemed pretty long and more than enough. But life is full of surprises, believe me!

Here I am, telling you that Madame is not going back to Paris, at least not yet. It is not that I suddenly fell completely in love with Japan and do not want to leave, no. Rather, looking from a year’s perspective, everything looks quite different than before. There are things I like, there are things I don’t. While I never had the “honeymoon” phase, I do appreciate certain things more than in the beginning.

At the same time, you realize that it is not only you who have changed in the meantime, the place and people you left behind did so as well. It is never possible to go back and resume at the exactly same point where you have left. What is more, you do not even want to resume at that certain point in the past, as you have simply lived too many things since…

Time, places, people and experiences continuously change us so that we become the person we are now.

It is easy to get used to the good things and Japan has a number of them (despite all the strange experiences I have been telling you about so far). Everything is always clean, in order, on time, everyone is nice and polite and soon you start taking all this for granted. While I am (and will be) a big fan of Paris and even Charles de Gaulle airport (!), I must admit that the last time I traveled, I could not not-to-notice how chaotic everything seemed compared with Japan.

So, life goes on and Madame continues in Japan, for another year or two. Stay tuned for new stories in the blog and remember that everything happens for a reason, it just takes time before we can connect all the dots!

Paris – Tokyo, and adventure continues!

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