La vie est belle dans le ciel

Do you recall a fairy tale about Jack and the Beanstalk? The one where a boy called Jack gets magic beans and a gigantic beanstalk grows overnight allowing him to climb to a land high in the sky. When I first visited Tokyo Skytree, its elevators had decorations that reminded gigantic tree branches taking you as high as you can get without boarding a plane.

Tokyo Skytree in the distance, view from Asakusa


Tokyo Skytree is the tallest structure in Japan and the second tallest tower in the world after Burj Khalifa in Dubai, and is a definite must visit. Opened in May 2012, Tokyo Skytree is the centerpiece of a large commercial development and also serves as the primary television and radio broadcast site for the Kantō region. The complex around Tokyo Skytree also houses multiple business and commercial establishments, an aquarium and a planetarium.

Tokyo Skytree

The first stop is Tembo Deck on the 350th floor, offering 360-degree panoramic views, touch-panel displays, coffee break with a view or a selection of French sweets.

Tokyo panorama

Surprise, surprise, but you may come all the way from Paris to find Pierre Hermé telling you how nice the life is in the sky!

For a special moments, try Sky restaurant 634 (Musashi), it is pricey, but should be a unique experience (I leave it as an excuse to come back).

2015 08_dessert

If you still don’t feel high enough, you can take another elevator up to 445-450th floors with a sloped 110-metre “air walk” between them. On a nice day, you will definitely see a far reaching panorama including Mount Fuji, and Tokyo will be literally under your feet.

2015 08_Tokyounderyourfeet1

Tokyo under your feet

Tokyo skyline with Mount Fuji in the distance

If anyone in your party is having a birthday that month, she/he can be given a special sticker and for sure will be congratulated by every staff member.

For a perfect conclusion, stop by at a terrace at the foot of the Tokyo Skytree. Maybe summer is hot and not easy to bear, but those white chaises-longues seem so comfy and inviting…

White summer terrace

As Pierre Hermé said, life is beautiful in the sky, but it does not mean we cannot enjoy the one on the ground. Cheers!

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