Two in one or A smell of Provence on the ski slope

When you think of summer in France, it comes with an image of empty Paris (I refer to locals!) and wide lavender fields in Provenceโ€ฆ When you think of summer in Japan, it may come with an image of lavender fields as well, though I bet you did not know that, until now.

A butterfly in lavender field.

Contrary to what you would expect, it is Hokkaido (the northern island) that is known for lavender fields. However, even if you are just in and around Tokyo, there is something you can doโ€ฆi.e. go to a famous ski resort!

Tambara Lavender Park.

Okay, it will take 2-3 hours one way, yet, it is worth it, not to mention that you can use the opportunity to stop by a peach garden and get your snack right from the tree, indulge in hot springs, or see Fukiware Falls, just a few things among all that Gunma prefecture is famous for.

Don’t tell me you would not want one ๐Ÿ˜‰

Fukiware Falls

Fukiware Falls

Coming back to lavenders, I truly admire whoever has created Tambara ย Lavender park. In winter time it is a famous ski and snowboarding slope, while lavenders are sleeping deep under the snow. In summer time, however, they just put another chair lift (next to the winter one) and voilร ! You can go up to 1,350 meters and for a moment imagine that by some trick of magic you just moved through space from Japan to the Southern France.

Tambara Lavender Park

Playing around with my petite camera

And if by now, you do not feel happy enough, go for lavender ice cream (or two), they say ice cream has something that for sure makes people happy.

You have 3 choices: lavender, vanilla, or mix.

A vanilla-lavender mix.

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