Veni – Vidi – Vici

Everyone has his/her own way to explore a new place, For some it is visiting all the “must see” places with a bunch of other tourists, for others it is about a number of museums you can do in a given number of days, for yet others it is about trying local cuisine, watching people pass by, etc. For me, it is about getting high enough to look around and get an idea about how everything looks like from above.

Landmark tower

View from Sky Garden @ Yokohama Landmark Tower

I confess that I haven’t been on top of Eiffel tower for years, yet instead I did climb most of towers and churches in Paris.

Japan didn’t change this habit, my first destination is Yokohama Landmark tower, once the tallest building in Japan (now the second tallest building and the fourth tallest structure in Japan). It has 69 floors and the observation deck, from which one can see a 360-degree view of the city and even Fuji-san (Mount Fuji) if one is lucky.


Sunset over Yokohama


Yokohama with Fuji-san (Mount Fuji) in the background

That’s THE way to start according to Madame: you come, you look around from above, and get out there!


One more view from the Yokohama Landmark Tower observatory on 69th floor



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