Afternoon tea French way and a taste of Northern lights

“Un parfum d’aventure et de poésie s’évade à l’infini de chaque tasse de thé”* (Henri Mariage)

Afternoon tea is generally associated with British tradition. French would not be French to invent something more special. If you age wine in oak barrels, why can’t you do the same with tea?

French Oak Tea, French Kitchen, Tokyo

And yes, you can! It is not a new idea as you may think. It was the same well known Gustave Eiffel, who supported the founder of the French tea company Janat, Mr. Janat Dorres, and they both came up with an idea to age tea leaves in the same French oak barrels as champagne. It turns out that it does not harm, but rather a contrary, gives tea a light smoky flavour.

A coffee lover as I may be, I could not resist to try…

And all the great things that come with it!

Well, as they say, it is better to taste once than to hear 100 times, so I will just say that it is available Thursdays – Sundays throughout winter (until February 29) at French Kitchen, Grand Hyatt Tokyo.

Adding up to a perfect afternoon.

P.S. the afternoon does not have to end there. You can check out Starry Sky Illuminations at Tokyo City View (Mori Tower) next door.

Tokyo tower and city at night as seen from Tokyo City View observation deck at Mori Tower, Roppongi.

It is not the same as seeing Aurora somewhere there up North, but given the circumstances, you can at least imagine that you did…

Starry Sky Illuminations and Northern lights. There is a room where you can lay down on the white carpet, look up and imagine…

* “The fragrance of adventure and poetry endlessly pervades each cup of tea”.

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