Coffee, cars and something you may have almost missed

Have you ever realized that things we see every day soon become so “ordinary” that often we do not even notice them?

While living in Paris I used to cross the bridges over the Seine and see the Eiffel tower twice a day, on the way to work and back. Five days a week, for almost five years, but I never got to the top of it during all this time.

A quick morning shot while waiting for a green light.

In Japan I do not drive. First, it is on the wrong side, second, I live too close to make it worth bothering, and third, public transport is so much more efficient than any you have ever tried (assuming you are not from Switzerland). Yet, there are things I do pass by at least twice a day and by now almost do not notice anymore.

To correct the situation, I want to invite you for another coffee. A simple coffee in a simple Starbucks, just in a slightly atypical place. If you happen to be in Yokohama, right next to the main train station and on the way to the popular Minato Mirai area, you would inevitably pass Nissan Global Headquarters with a Gallery and Starbucks open to everyone.

Nissan Gallery and Global HQ in Yokohama

The display is changed on a regular basis. Starbucks cafe on the left side with seats all along by the windows as well as outside.

The displays are updated every couple of weeks and occasionally you may be able to try driving simulators, 360 degree 3D virtual driving experience and other interesting things.

Weekend events for all ages.

And you do not need to be a car fan to walk around while sipping your coffee!

Cars and coffee

“Doing business without coffee is like driving a F1 car on diesel, you never get up to top speed.” (Robert James)

Want to try?

P.S. Check back here afterwards, just in case, you never know when paparazzi may be around 😉


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