Discoveries round the corner or Somewhere in Omotesando

Sometimes we like places, things or even people for no obvious reason. It happened to me when I first heard the name Omotesandō. I liked how it sounds and so I had a feeling that I will like the place as well.

Sometimes referred to as Les ChampsÉlysées of Tokyo, Omotesandō, which literally means “the main (front) road to the temple” is a wide avenue, leading to Meiji Jingu Shrine and primarily known for luxury shopping.


Omotesando avenue leads to Meiji Shrine

What can be interesting about it, you will ask. And here is the trick: it is not about the main avenue itself, which can get extremely crowded on weekends, but all the small side and back streets around it. Contrary to one old saying, you need to leave the main road and take a “path” instead. Small and cozy cafes are hiding all around waiting to be discovered.

Aoyama Flower Market is just next door to Omotesando crossing and hides a Tea House at the back.

The other day, strolling along and searching for a coffee spot, I have passed Louis Vuitton store and something caught my eye. That was how I discovered that on the 7th floor they have an exhibition space (Espace Louis Vuitton Tokyo), which happened to be hosting an exhibition devoted to Frank Gehry’s building of Fondation Louis Vuitton in Paris.

Frank Gehry’s exhibition at Espace Louis Vuitton Tokyo

I have told you about Frank Gehry before, and it was really interesting to follow up, see the sketches, trial designs and 3D models, showing the evolution from an idea to the building.

Espace Louis Vuitton Tokyo

“A dream come true for Paris”

Well, all I wanted to tell you is that sometimes discoveries are waiting round the corner and that the main road is not necessarily the best choice, be it in the city or in life.

Back to Nicolai Bergmann flower shop and cafe.

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