From Paris to Tokyo, with love

The story starts in 1885, when Gustave Eiffel’s design was selected as the monument to be built for the World’s Fair of 1889, to celebrate 100 years since the French revolution. Everyone thought it was ugly, but they built it anyway. It took 300 men working 3 years to make it happen. Eiffel Tower was not supposed to last long and almost got demolished in 1909, but… was saved only because its antenna appeared to be useful for military purposes.

Built for an exhibition and not expected to last, who can imagine Paris without Eiffel Tower?


With time people got used to it and now the world cannot imagine Paris without one. It is a symbol of the most romantic city, attracting visitors from all over the world.

Eiffel Tower and full moon.

If only it could talk, how many stories there would be…

THE most romantic City in the world, it must be…

As it always happens, the closer you live, the less likely you are to visit, assuming that there is plenty of time to do that…sometime…

Eiffel Tower from the Brasserie Frame terrace.

In 1950s somewhere on the other side of the globe, Tokyo needed a new television broadcasting tower, capable to transmit to the entire region. Also, Japan was searching for a monument to symbolize its post-war revival and economic recovery. The designer was looking to the western world for the inspiration and it happened to be precisely Eiffel Tower!

Orange-white stripes according to aviation laws at the time, that’s Tokyo Tower.

Completed in October 1958 and opened to public on Christmas Eve, Tokyo Tower took the title of the tallest free standing tower from the Eiffel Tower by 13 meters. If not lack of funds and materials at the time, it could have been taller than the Empire State Building in New York.

Tokyo Tower at night

At 333 meters high, it became a major landmark in Japan. Even though now Tokyo has a Sky Tree, many Tokyoites still prefer the old good orange and white Tokyo Tower.

Rainbow Bridge and the city from the 1st level observation deck at Tokyo Tower.

While Tokyo Tower cannot beat Eiffel Tower in terms of visitors, international recognition or romantic aura, it is still worth a visit if you are around.

Night view from the 2nd level observation deck at Tokyo Tower.

Having said that, I tend to think that viewing Tokyo tower from a distance can be equally or even more romantic. Try one of the luxury hotels in the surrounding area, e.g. Prince Park Tower’s Sky Lounge or the Ritz-Carlton in Tokyo Midtown to name just a few, for an afternoon tea/coffee break or an evening drink.

And if you don’t feel like for a drink with the view, do it anyway!

Tokyo Tower from the Mori Tower observation deck in Roppongi Hills


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