Two years and counting…

It had to be short-term, it had to be for one year… You know the story? Two years and 77 blog posts later it is still another one to go.

At the time, blog was a random idea to keep track of my life and discoveries in Japan, share updates with those who cared and…well…not to get a bit depressed after 180 degree change in life in the middle of a Japanese summer (those who have been or have lived here over the summer season will understand).

Not everything always goes as you plan and I am not an exception. With a full time job (in a full meaning of it) in a Japanese company I do not have that as much time left as I would like to for other things including blog updates, though at least it is alive and will continue so.

To my surprise, the blog has nevertheless seen over 5,200 visits to date that I am very happy about. For that occasion, I thought I will share five the most popular posts to date. Here we go:

#5 The Garden of Words or About Rainy Season

Maybe because we are in a rainy season at the moment, I quite like that mood, that movie and Shinjuku Gyoen on a rainy day. Youtube links do not always work, but I have just updated to a good one in case you would like to watch the movie.

#4 One Summer Night or from Tokyo to Saint-Tropez and Back

Great night, great company, great mood and memories! And by the way, now is THE season, so if you happen to be in Tokyo, you know where to go 😉

#3 La vie est belle dans le ciel

I love panoramic views, the higher the better. It will not come as a surprise that Tokyo Skytree was one of my favorites and I take every single visitor there first. Life is beautiful…in the sky!

#2 France vs. Japan: lunch at work

One of those things you get used to, but not quite really, even after two years…

#1 Paris syndrome vs. Tokyo shock

An absolute winner and by far! I am curious if the main readers are the ones going to Paris or to Tokyo and I hope none of them get scared away, mais bon, c’est la vie 🙂

2 Replies to “Two years and counting…”

  1. Hi there Inga,
    Your story telling of your stay in Japan is very touching. Too bad that it’s a little bit short. But it’s better than nothing.
    Be careful not to eat too much Japanese food……otherwise you are going to get Japanese eyes…
    I just love the Japanese blossom flowers….. they are soooo beautiful.
    The Japanese are so cultivated and elegant. It must be nice to stay and work there. How far is Yokohama from Tokyo?
    When is you next holiday. Where will you be going ?
    Maybe we could meet up in Singapore if I go ther in September or October.
    Please do keep writing on your blog and to me.
    Take care.
    À très bientôt j’espère.

  2. Merci Jeremy!
    Happy to hear from you and even more happy to hear that you find it interesting and touching Still many things to explore, many places to see, and I have been thinking lately to write something on Singapore – love it!
    Keep in touch and see you somewhere, be it Singapore, Paris or Tokyo. Take care et à bien tôt!

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